Lord Of The Underground

Specializing in fine gem crystals and minerals from around the world, based out of Sydney, Australia.

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  • The Gem Cartel

    I remember of being around 4 years of age and living in New Zealand at the time when I first found my interest in crystals. I had just watched The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson and that movie played a major role for my deep fascination for the mineral world. Fast forward to the mid 2000's living in Sydney Australia, I had come into a spiritual awakening in my life. Reconnecting with an old fascination, I discovered a passion for collecting and learning about minerals.

    Since then I have traveled to Tucson Arizona and to Munich Germany on a yearly basis attending the gem shows, establishing connections with fellow gem enthusiasts and wholesalers worldwide. At The Gem Cartel, each crystal/specimen is hand picked by myself. I look at aesthetics, crisp, sharp terminations and deep saturated color when making my acquisition.

    The Gem Cartel is a collaboration of gemstones, graffiti, street wear and underground Hip Hop. I hope to provide you with something unique to add to either your crystal collection or your wardrobe and strive for excellence in the details.